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Town Projects

  • Project “Healthy Town” – Turcianske Teplice has been the foundation member of the Association of Healthy Towns of Slovakia and takes actively part in promotion of healthy lifestyle and environment in the town and region.
  • AIHA Cooperation Project – the establishment of the Town Health Center (MCZ) in Turcianske Teplice in 1997.
  • The Foundation Helping Public Health of Upper Turiec Region in Turcianske Teplice – for health care support in the town and region
  • Intermunicipalities Cooperation Project – the establishment of  the Municipalities Association for Environmental Protection in Turcianske Teplice
  • Project “The Educational Footpath in Bor – Forest Park” in Turcianske Teplice – creating conditions for leisure time for families and visitors and thereby support activities in tourism
  • Project for establishing the European Information Center in Turcianske Teplice – to provide information about the European Union and drawing possibilities from pre-entering and structural European Funds.
  • “Handicrafts Incubator” Project – within external assistance programs of the European Union and with the National Employment Bureau support and within the framework of Grant Scheme for human resources development throughout preventative and individual measures for unemployed.
  • Tourist Information Center Project – zoom in information for town residents and visitors about the region, natural social and cultural advancements of the District, to offer information about accommodation facilities and possibilities for spending leisure time.

  • Realization of intentions and recommendations of the World Health Care Organization for the town and region
  • The Town Health Center operates at full strength with the financial support of the town budget
  • The ambulance purchase in 1997 and the Emergency Medical Care Station establishment in 2000 in Turcianske Teplice
  • Joint solid communal waste dump establishment in the Horna Stubna village
  • The Educational Footpath creation in 2001 by paths adjusting,  sign boards, benches, shelters and playgrounds production which have enabled to zoom in environmental problems to visitors
  • The European Information Center establishment in October 2003
  • Involvement of unemployed in the Handicraft Incubator activities by training and obtaining theoretical and practical skills in five courses of traditional handicraft and of Information Technologies skills from December 2003 to September 2004 The Tourist Information 
  • The Tourist Information Center establishment in March 2005; the installment of Information Terminal with the Internet connection providing useful information for interested people. Within the projects a small and large information system addition, reconstruction of sign boards on the Educational Footpath and publishing “The Horny Turiec Region” comprising  tourist information materials in 10 000 number of copies.

    Spa Turčianske Teplice

    date: 2019-09-22

    Name day of: Móric

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