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Tourist Information Center

Tourist Information Center (photo gallery from the Project)

The first step for establishing the Tourist Information Center was Tourist Service founding in 2003 as a tool for providing information for tourists and residents of the town and region. Since March 1, 2005 the new Tourist Information Center, situated in the entrance hall of the Municipal Office supported by the EU throughout NADSME by 12.750 EUROS in 2004, has been providing better conditions for offering information to owners of small and middle businesses in the area of tourism (providing information about accommodation, boarding conditions, agro tourism, cultural and social events, sports events, attractions, information about makers of local specialties and artisans, transport etc.). Thanks to the Project the Tourist Information Center is equipped by an information terminal. The information terminal is placed in front of the entrance to the Tourist Information Center with connection to the Internet; provides services non-stop, for example the town web-page, INFO Turiec, information about weather, transport, etc.) The other asset of the Project is publishing of information literature for supporting tourist tracks with accommodation possibilities, cultural and social events through the year, interesting localities and attractions of the Upper Turiec region in Slovak, English, German and Polish language. Within the framework of the Project the information and spatial orientation system of tourist attractions and localities has been finished. 2 orientation panoramatic maps with marked nearest cultural and social facilities and 50 boards of orientation spatial system to the most interesting localities and attractions were installed.

Tourist Information Center Partizanska Street 1 039 01 Turcianske Teplice
Telephone number: 043/490 1278
Fax: 043/492 1667

Spa Turčianske Teplice

date: 2019-09-22

Name day of: Móric

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