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Rope Center

Rope Center (photo gallery from the Project)

The Rope Center in Turcianske Teplice has been opened since Sunday, June 1, 2006 not just for individual visitors but for organized group (schools, firms, tours, etc.) as well. The Project of which preparation phase lasted almost a year became reality on June 6, 2006 by the opening ceremony. Trained instructors, providing really very precise and quality work, were available to all interested in climbing and surmounting rope obstructions on this day. From the beginning, with the first group which dared to surmount the obstructions, it was clear that the safety is the most important. It is indicated mainly by the fact that in the Rope Center in Turcianske Teplice only certified high-quality branded material is used and trained instructors explain in details and check equipment repeatedly before clients are allowed to climb high obstructions. Safeguarding is provided by a safety set which contains a whole body climbing fixation, three snap hooks, a leading roller and eventually a mountaineer helmet. The inhabitants of Turcianske Teplice should enjoy the fact that this type of facility is in our region and that the excellent idea of people from Regional Development Agency Turiec was implemented into reality and will be available for sports, relax and active forms of leisure time. Traditionally the EU funds help to establish these types of facilities (in this case the outdoor Rope Center was financed with the help of program Interreg III A SR – CR). It would be the best to visit this pleasant outdoor facility personally because to experience it by oneself is better than to write an article or talk about it. In the Rope Center Turcianske Teplice one can in some way touch the sky but mainly uncover own abilities and forget everyday problems.

Spa Turčianske Teplice

date: 2019-09-22

Name day of: Móric

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