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Local Self Administration

Village and town is a juridical person that, under conditions set out in the Act 369/1990 the Collection of Laws amended by subsequent changes and regulations independently manages its own property and financial resources. It finances its needs, first and foremost from its own revenues as well as from state subsidies. Town (village) has the right to pool its resources with other towns (villages) in the interest of ensuring matters of common interest. Town (village) decides independently in matters of local self-administration. Duties and restrictions may be imposed only by the law. Town (village) area is formed by its cadastral area or set of cadastral areas if town is divided into parts with own cadastral areas. Town (village) issues Common Obligatory Enactments in matters of local self-administration.


Town (village) Resident
Town (village) resident is a citizen registered for permanent residency.
Resident has the right:
·        To elect bodies of self-administration
·        To vote about important matters of self-administration
·        To take part at Town Assembly meetings and public meetings
·        To turn at town bodies with suggestions and complaints
·        To use property of town in the service of public use
·        To request collaboration in safekeeping
·        To request help in time of need
Resident is obliged:
·        To protect property of town (village) and share town (village) costs
·        To participate in environmental protection
·        To assist in keeping order
·        To provide an assistance at natural disaster liquidation


Bodies of town (village) are:
Municipality Assembly is composed of counselors elected by secret ballot in communal election.
Mayor is elected by citizens by secret ballot.
Mayor executes municipality administration and represents town outwardly.


Municipal Assembly can establish:
Town Council that is an initiative executive and auditing body of Municipal    Assembly and at the same times it serves as an advisory body to Mayor.
Committees that are its advisory initiative and auditing bodies.
Borough Civic committees that are its advisory initiative and auditing bodies.


Municipal Office is an executive body of Municipal Assembly and Mayor composed of town (village) residents.  Municipal Office activities are organized by Mayor. In towns (villages) with higher number of residents Municipal Office Manager can be appointed; he/she organizes Municipal Office activities. Master Controller is a town employee; he/she exercises a control over town assignments. Municipal Assembly can establish Town Police as its advisory body. 




Since 2002 competences in the educational area, social services, construction department, and regional development have gradually been transferred to villages and towns
because of decentralization of competences  from state administration to local self-administration according to the Act No. 416/2001 the Collection of Laws about transfer of some powers from state administration bodies to towns (villages) and higher territorial units.


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