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TURČIANSKE TEPLICE - Short characteristic of the town: History

Turcianske Teplice is the town situated in the south of Turcianska Basin, 518 meters above the sea level, at the base of the Velka Fatra mountain range which together with the


Kremnica mountain range and the slopes of Lazy create magnificent surroundings of this town.
 The first record of a settlement in the southern part of Turcianska Basin dates back to late Stone Age (the Eneolit Age 3200-1900 BC) when this territory was inhabited by the people of so called „Kanel“ culture.
The most important natural riches of Turcianske Teplice are mineral springs and thermal water. The first record about the thermal springs on the territory of current town is from 1281.
The hot springs with therapeutic waters  temperature of which ranks from 40.7 o C to 46.5 o C were a reason for foundation of the spa. Turcianske Teplice is the only spa town in Slovakia to treat kidney and urinary tract diseases. Locomotor system diseases of adults and children   have been successfully treated as well. An extensive park is the part of the spa area.
From historical buildings located in the center of the town The Blue Bath from the 19th century, the Roman Catholic Chapel from 1770 and the birth-house of Mikulas Galanda situated in the southern part of the town shall be mentioned in the first place. The oldest historical building is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Michal in Turciansky Michal (a borough of Turcianske Teplice) from 1264. In this part of the town there is also the I. Ziak Somolicky Memorial House, the great Slovak poet and politician. The Roman Catholic Church in Dolna Stubna (a borough of Turcianske Teplice) is from the 16th century. The main attractions for visitors of Diviaky (a borough of Turcianske Teplice) are mainly the Renaissance Manor House from the second half of the 16th century and the Rococo Manor House from the second half of the 18th century.
Turcianske Teplice is the administrative, cultural and social center of the Upper Turiec Region and the District Town. Diviaky, Turciansky Michal and Dolna Stubna are small villages but also boroughs of the Town of Turcianske Teplice. Thanks to the spa, weather conditions and the beauty of the surrounding countryside this town is an ideal place for vacation, recreation and regeneration. In summer there are two open air thermal swimming pools, outdoor tennis courts, excellent possibilities for hiking and cyclotourism at visitors’ disposal, in winter an artificial ice rink, nearby ski slopes with ski-lifts and cross-country tracks of good quality. As for the culture there is a cinema, an auditorium, a local public library, culture centers/houses and the Agency for Cultural Affairs and Information, the main organizer of cultural events in the town.


Spa Turčianske Teplice

date: 2019-09-22

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