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Development Plans

In long-run term the key goal for Turcianske Teplice is significant tourism increase. Its successful realization would bring vast synergist effects in many areas – new building-up, incomes increase, employment increase, etc.  Therefore the goal of investment expenses direction is the town improvement so as it becomes an important spa center. It is not explicitly connected with building-up, eventually reconstruction of related infrastructure but with investments in the systematic and complex town presentation and the neighboring micro-region as well.  
 While realizing all these activities it is necessary to keep in mind housing and social policy, development of educatedness and schools as a whole transport and infrastructure as well.
  • Housing and social policy 
  • Schools
  • Tourism and traveling
  • Infrastructure and transport/traffic
  • Housing and Social Policy
  • The Town wants to continue building up rental apartment houses utilizing the State Program supporting rental housing by constructing rental apartment houses in Horne Rakovce. The construction is mainly oriented at apartments of small footage because of bigger interest from residents’ side and because they are more convenient for older residents who are obliged to seek economically more suitable accommodation.  The Town supports individual residential construction by selling town estates.
    The changes in social area are oriented at the reconstruction of the Asylum House in Diviaky which serves as temporary accommodation for the residents and families who lost their houses or apartments.


  • Schools
  • Accepted measures in the educational system area have lead into a proposal of systemic grouping of schools and school facilities. Realization of the proposal renders the town aim fulfillment and at the same time it can help to widen studies oriented at extended schooling in:
    • Arts
    • Foreign languages
    • Natural Sciences, mainly Mathematics and Informatics
    • Sports skills
    • And for disabled children at different level of disability

    Specialization allows free choice of a school facility according to the parents’ decision or child’s abilities. There are insignificant distances among schools therefore it is not necessary to create a catchments area for school facilities. The number rearrangement of subjects through the merger of pre-school facilities and elementary schools and establishing fully-organized schools with legal subjectivity has been proposed because of an aspiration to reach schools autonomy increase and  uplifting the responsibly for education from the beginning till the completion of basic general education and to improve  the quality of educational process as well; at the same time to render transparency and functionality of individual facilities.
    The proposed solution renders efficiency increase in building utilization through elaboration and implementation of dispositional designs with space utilization increase causing  need decrease  for functional premises. A similar solution is proposed for land utilization owned by the schools. Unneeded buildings and lands are suggested to be sold and this way the sources for realization of school system reorganization implement will be rendered but at the same time it will increase operational expenses for schools and its facilities operation.
    Planned investments in school system:
    Electrical consumption reduction, networks reconstruction, repair of sports fields in all Elementary Schools in the Town, construction of a multi-purpose sports center at Grammar School in Horne Rakovce and construction of small ice-rink at the existing ice-rink for children.


  • Tourism and traveling
  • I.  Non-investment objectives
    II. Investment objectives

    Non-investment objectives
    ·         The Town presentation at tourism and traveling exhibitions and shows in Slovakia and abroad, partnership activities development with Skawina in Poland and Arandjelovac in Serbia, establishment of additional abroad partnerships ( the Czech Republic, France, Germany).
    ·         Rendering of local artists presentation in the partnership towns and conversely. Enable development of co-operation for the town businessmen with the businessmen form the partnership towns and conversely.
    ·         Presentation of the Town through up-to-date advertising material (leaflets, brochures, etc.) and souvenirs.

    ·         ·         ·        

    Investment objectives

    • Improvement of  the Tourist Information Center services in Turcianske Teplice by offering integrated services within nationally coordinated network and realizing own activities in knowledgeableness sphere.
    • Making the stays of tourists and visitors more attractive by  an expended offer of  additional services promoted by the Tourist Information Center
    • Rendering of  the European Information Center services in Turcianske Teplice by providing information about  the European Union history and activities
    • Implementation of Information Technologies
    • Implementation of  Communication Technologies


    Security system
    • Security System Implementation by a camera and monitor system for town security rendering


    • Creating conditions for traditional handicrafts development, so called the Handicrafts Incubator enabling grouping of the craftsmen into common handicraft association in order to present collectively themselves at different traditional undertakings, sell their products, provide services for tourists and give them the opportunity to make their own craftworks. To create an attraction with the aim to draw in new tourists. Extension of traditional handicraft production based on traditional skills of the Upper Turiec Region offers the opportunities for the registered unemployed residents to participate in activities supporting the development of tourism and traveling and help to lower unemployment.
    • Creating a base for tourism in the town center – a pedestrian zone construction and building up a tourist center providing refreshment and food services, accommodation, Information and Internet connections, public toilets and other additional services for tourists and residents.
    • Aqua Park construction with entry area, small water areas for children, covered swimming pool, hotel, and sports facilities. Creating condition for all-season utilization thanks to small investment activities enabling its use as a unit. 
    • Creating of Congress Center with poly-functional character and possibility to use multi-media technique and technology.
    • Construction of multi-purpose sports center in Horne Rakovce open for individual visitors residents, and tourists
    • Covering of the ice-rink to enable its utilization during summer months for winter sports by creating suitable conditions and  base
    • Creating conditions for cross-country ski tracks with the line-up at nearby ski centers in Cremosne, Horna Stubna, Turcek, Kremnica-Skalka.
    • Building up an entry area to the Town serving as a passage to the Upper Turiec Region and construction of modern communications connection.
    • Building up “Children’s Paradise” – an area with a lot of attractions for leisure and entertainment
    Infrastructure and transport

    • Town decanalization in gradual steps
    • Canalization completion in Diviaky and Dolna Stubna
    • Canalization rendering in the Turciansky Michal Borough
    Town Communications
    • Existing town communications reconstruction as the basic condition of entrance enhancement for tourists and town scene
    • Interconnection of communications in the town center
    - interconnection of the streets from Banska Street and SNP Street behind the Jednota   Department Store to Partizanska Street
    - transport interconnection from Partizanska Street through 9 May Street by the Health Care Center with an entrance by the Astra Pharmacy on SNP Street

    State Communications
    Enforcement of a highway construction from the State Road No. 65 (north-south) that is connected with Hungarian border in the south (through Ziar nad Hronom) and in the north in the Martin direction to Polish border.

    Spa Turčianske Teplice

    date: 2019-09-22

    Name day of: Móric

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