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Income in 000´SKK 
Ordinary incomes79624
I. Share Taxes34000
II. Locas Taxes and Fees12740
1. Real Estate Taxes8000
2. Dogs Tax80
3. Public Space Utilization Tax200
4. Accomodation Tax650
5. Fees for Communal Waste2500
6.1. Administration Fees1200
6.2. Air Pollution fees20
6.3. Cemetery fees30
6.4. Penalties30
III. Town Property Profits2070
1. Rentage4500
2. Housing Services - Teplice570
IV. Other Incomes1334
1. Transmission of 2004 account balance1000
2. Incidental Incomes214
3. Nursing Services Payments120
V. Grants16510
1. Register Office1600
2. Schools20500
3. Economic Difficulties, Activation Workers 200
4. Recycling Fund210
5. Spa Towns4000
Capital Incomes5376
1. Sale Property Incomes4600
2. The Department of Home Affairs Grant776
Incomes Total85000


Spa Turčianske Teplice

date: 2019-09-22

Name day of: Móric

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